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Feeling stuck, unfocused and struggling to make progress on your goals? 

You have big dreams and ambitious goals, but you find yourself losing momentum and just can’t seem to stick to the plans you make for yourself.

You’re not lazy! You just need support!

Man is not meant to be an island. You’re not meant to do it all on your own.

So let me be your accountability buddy, and start seeing some real results!

Now is the time to take real action and end the fears and negative thoughts that have been standing in your way.


  • Are looking for support while you work on your habits, routines & goals…
  • Can use someone to discuss ideas with and hold you accountable for achieving your goals and carrying out your plans…
  • Prefer an informal coaching format that you can do on the go and won’t interrupt your day…

Then On-Demand Personal Productivity Coaching is what you’ve been waiting for!

Why On-Demand Coaching?

On-Demand coaching is ideal for busy folks like you that don’t have a solid hour or more to dedicate to traditional coaching times.

Send me a quick message while picking your kids up from school, standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for your food in a drive-thru or sitting in the doctor’s office.

And because I can do the same, I can charge you less than my traditional hourly coaching rate! Win-Win!

How does it work?

On-Demand Productivity Coaching is designed to be a casual, no-fuss coaching experience where you can talk with me during the day about your personal progress toward goals and achievements, while receiving support and guidance from me along the way!

In addition to us messaging back and forth (in a low-key way that won’t infringe on your day!), I’ll check in with you periodically (once or twice a week) and we’ll work together on finding out what’s blocking your progress, as well as finding ways to fix it.

After your purchase, you’ll receive a document with information on how to message me to begin your coaching. Your coaching time will begin when you ask your first question.

Once you send your question, within 24 hours I’ll send a detailed response. We can message back and forth after that.

For especially complex questions, I might record a screen recording or video tutorial for your reference.

What are some things we can cover?

Anything that is keeping you stuck & unmotivated, keeping you from making progress on your desired goals & habits!

My main areas of focus at Vibrance and Bliss are: Productivity, Time Management, Goalsetting & Personal Empowerment.

We can talk strategy, goal planning, daily tracking, journaling, habits & routines, personal accountability, mindset, positive thinking etc!

If you’re looking for support that is a bit more concrete, I can also coach you through planner design, printable, digital organization etc..u nee.

If you need help with something specific, send me a message on the chat bubble below and let’s see if I can help!

Personal Coaching is really meant to be specifically designed for what you need and how best I can help you succeed on the things most important to you.

What’s Included? 

  • Minimum one question a day through email, Facebook Messenger or Voxxer Messaging. (I’ll probably be able to answer more, but one a day is my minimum commitment.)
  • 24 hour maximum response time (I’ll probably answer sooner, but this is the longest I’ll take to respond, barring emergencies (in which your coaching time will be extended)
  • Weekly Check-ins on the habits, routines & goals you’re looking to build.
  • Coaching handouts, workbooks & resources I don’t sell separately, dedicated soley to my coaching clients.

How will we communicate? What is Voxxer?

You have three methods of contact with me: Email, Facebook Messenger or a free messaging app called Voxxer.

Email & Facebook Messenger are the most accessible I think, but Voxer is great because it allows for audio messages in addition to text messages, so if typing isn’t your thing, it’s still super easy to use.

Email is always available, but will be the slowest response time, because I don’t receive email alerts on my phone.

What if this coaching method is not really working for me? 

If after the first three days of coaching you feel I’m not serving your needs, please let me know so we can see if we can adjust things to better suit what you’re looking for. If you’re still not satisfied after 5 days, I’ll completely refund your payment.

Note: No refunds will be given for 7 day coaching packages, as these packages are designed to “test out” our coaching relationship.


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On-Demand Productivity Coaching