BETA Test Application

"4 Pillars of Supercharged Productivity"

I am looking for enthusiastic and hard working beta testers that have been struggling with productivity and accomplishing their big goals. If this is you, this FREE "Supercharge your Productivity" Beta course can help you take control!

I am delighted that you are considering being a beta tester for my online course for FREE! As a Beta participant, you'll receive all course content for free during the testing period. In return, you're agreeing to actively participate in course activities and respond with timely feedback.

Who is this for?

  • Are you living in “survival mode” with seemingly no end in sight?
  • Do distractions regularly pull your focus away from your needed tasks?
  • Are you constantly making and remaking the same goals, not ever reaching the place you want to be?
  • Do you run yourself ragged without taking the time to care for yourself and your needs?

Are you ready to tackle your goals, get things done, and feel amazing?

I am looking for enthusiastic beta testers that have been struggling with productivity and accomplishing their big goals. If this is you, "4 Pillars of Supercharged Productivity" (Beta) can help you take control!

As a beta tester, it is my aim that you will achieve the following:

  • Record your biggest dreams and goals for the near future. Plan a path to accomplish them within your desired timeframe.
  • Create a planner system you'll use and enjoy.
  • Establish a productive space conducive to efficient work.
  • Develop a routine for regular self-care and positive thinking.
  • Discover the best apps to help you in your quest to take charge of your life and work efficiently.
  • Establish priorities and plan your goal, schedule, and tasks accordingly.

You will be part of an exclusive group coaching program that will later be sold for $250 at no charge to you, with full access to:

  • Online training platform
  • Video tutorials
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Group coaching Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Email access directly to me for answers to all your questions
  • Feedback on your progress and participation

This course is perfect for you, if you are:-

  • A busy, high-powered professional
  • A stay-at-home homeschooling mom
  • Active in your community or religious community
  • A full or part-time student 

It is recommended that you are able to commit 1-2 hours a day (for just the week of the BETA), but if you cannot, any amount of time you invest will benefit you. There will be "fast-action" activities to help you get the best result in the shortest time (some in just a few short minutes!

My Expectations:

In return for the immense value of this course I’m sharing with you, you agree to: 

  • Complete all of the course modules & activities
  • Participate in group discussions (Led within the Facebook Group)
  • Provide timely feedback on the course strengths and weaknesses
  • Submit a review or testimonial of the course upon completion (extra bonuses!)

I’m really excited to share with you the information contained within “4 Pillars”, and I know it will benefit you greatly.

If you’re interested in joining the FREE Beta team, please fill out the form below and I’ll contact you before the course begins.

Spots are Limited! 

The goal of this small pre-launch Beta group is to receive valuable feedback on the course content before its release. To do that, I’m keeping the beta testing group small, and space is limited. To guarantee your place within the Beta Testing group, you can purchase a spot for $47, which gives you access to: 

  • Guaranteed spot in the pre-launch beta program
  • Lifetime access to all course materials published during the beta phase. (Free applicants will lose access January 2nd.)
  • Receive the pre-course training and prep work module before the free applicants- have more time to work out your goals before the course begins.
  • Bonus Worksheets, Resources & Trainings throughout the course.

Remember: the beta course will be free to those who are accepted. You don’t have to purchase to be admitted to the course, but if you do, you’ll guarantee yourself a spot and receive all the bonuses listed above.

Apply for the Program:

Thank you for sending your application! If you would like to purchase a guaranteed spot in the beta test (and receive all included bonuses) for only $47, click the link below.