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A fun journal for your kids to fill out and gift to Dad this Father’s Day! Show Dad some love and gratitude with one (or several!) of these fun activities for all ages.



A beautiful journal for your children to fill out and gift to the man that gives and does so much for them.

Father’s Day is a chance to help your children think of ways they can show love and gratitude for their fathers, and the 44 pages in this Gift Journal allows plenty of opportunities to do that!

Designed with both younger and older children in mind, print the whole thing or select just the pages that are most special- this printable Journal is flexible enough to fit your style and needs. With pages meant to help your kids reflect on memories with their Dad, to places for them to list his admirable qualities and even write him a letter, this journal is packed with meaningful activities sure to make Dad feel loved and honored. (Plus many other age-appropriate activities for the littles, such as coloring pages and drawing pictures for Dad!)

Plus, if you love the design but feel it’s not quite right, contact me ( for options to customize it to fit your unique circumstances! (Ex: Changing “Dad” to “Stepdad”, updating fonts & colors, etc… anything can be changed- just contact me for a quote!)

Inside you’ll find the following activities:

  • Cover Pages: in 7 different designs. Choose and glue in a favorite photo of you with Dad, draw him a picture of the two of you doing something together you love, or use the B&W simple version to color him a masterpiece he’ll always remember.
  • Dad, I Want You To Know: Write a letter to Dad and tell him what you think about him and what you love about him.
  • Best Daddy Ever: Drawing page for the littles to record a favorite memory with Dad or something they’d like to do together.
  • All About My Dad & Dad’s Favorite Things: In various formats and versions with different age groups in mind, these pages are great for listing all the things your kids know and remember about Dad (and gives them fun chances to guess if they don’t know!)
  • Dad’s Superpowers: Our Dads can sometimes feel like superheros, doing it all and making it seem so easy. Help your kids to use this page to record the ways they look up to and admire their Dad.
  • Dad & Me Photo collage: Have your kids look for & cut out photos of themselves and Dad (or draw pictures instead) with different memory prompts reflecting on their lives together.
  • Thank you, Dad: Another letter prompt with a specific opportunity for your older kids & teens to record their gratitude for their Dad (in either a general or a specific instance).
  • Family Photos: Additional spaces for your kids to gather (or draw) favorite pictures your whole family together.
  • Bucket List: Things To Do With Dad: A place to record the things your kids would like to do someday with their dad- leave reality out the window here and just dream big!
  • Interview With Dad: Meant for the older kids (but would be a meaningful keepsake for the younger ones too), these pages provide a great opportunity for your kids to talk with Dad 1:1 and learn more about how he grew up, who he is now, and what he thinks about being a Dad. These pages will be cherished for years to come.
  • Coupons For Dad: With pages of coupons designed to be given by both younger and older kids (and teens too!), these coupons for Dad are a classic (and favorite!) gift! With general gifts Dad will love to blank coupons for your kids to use their own creativity, Dad will be sure to have a gift he’ll use for a long time to come!
  • Messages Of Love For Dad: Have the kids record thoughts throughout the weeks leading up to Father’s Day or whenever they come to them by writing down the nice things they see their Dad do, the things they love about him, or any other messages they want him to receive. This page is fun and open ended and can be used in any way your child thinks up!
  • Dad’s Words Of Wisdom: A page of cards your kids can record the different things their Dad has taught them. Cut out and put these thoughts on display (or leave on the page and display that instead) so they’ll never forget these important lessons and the example their Dad is for them!
  • Grateful For You Dad! Special prompts to help your kids think of the different ways they’re grateful for their Dad and all the ways their Dad has improved their lives.
  • Dad’s Favorite Jokes: record the jokes Dad loves to tell (or research some new ones for him!) This page will be a fun memory for you all for years to come!
  • I Can Help Dad! Everyday for a couple weeks, see if your kids can think of ways to help their dad with chores or projects around the house! Make it a fun game or a competition if you have multiple kids- it’ll be sure to bring Dad some love this year!
  • Our Plan for Father’s Day: Help your kids plan out all the details to ensure an exciting and memorable Father’s Day this year. With space to record meals and activities, gifts they plan on giving (or making!) and even recording their favorite memories of the day- no stone will be left unturned this in making this one one to remember!
  • Daddy, You’re My Hero: coloring page for the littles, so even Daddy’s youngest little ones can make their own special gift for him this year!
  • Hugs for Daddy: See how many days your kids can remember to give Daddy a hug! What better gift could they ever give him?
  • Greeting Cards: in 6 different designs to print and give to Dad, commemorating a special day for both your child and their Dad.

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All About My Dad